Hampshire Plant & Access machine on site at large scale modern fish farm

Fish farmers from the Test Valley Trout Group in Romsey carrying out vital ecological works hired the first Manitou 220J stick boom in the UK from Hampshire Plant & Access (HPA). Hampshire Plant & Access machine on site at large scale modern fish farm

The project involved the installation of 2 acres of anti-predator netting on the trout production farm in Hampshire.  The netting, which was secured over the water, is the most effective and non-harmful option for preventing predation by fish-eating birds. It will protect several ponds containing over 1.5 million fish.

Christopher Saunders-Davies, Test Valley Trout CEO said:

“The trout are farmed with care and experience in our land-based ponds. To prevent fish-eating birds reaching the fish stock, we needed to secure the nets.  The challenges for us were about reach, as we had to get out to the middle of the water on each pond to tie and secure the nets.  We have used HPA for a number of years, on this project they worked with us to specify a suitable machine, which enabled us to gain the access we needed just above the water.”

HPA were the first in the UK to get the brand new Manitou 220J stick boom machine, and this was an ideal first job for it.  With a working height of 21.77 metres, it was recommended by the HPA team because of the 21.63 Metre outreach, and its capabilities on rough terrain which made it easy for the fish farmers to manoeuvre around the ponds on the site.